A coin grading company specializing in grades 60 to 70, both Proof and MS:
   -Proof coins from 1936 and forwards.
   -Uncirculated Coins

   -Circulated coins

Our experts have over 100 combined years dealing with rare and valuable coins.

America's new Grading Service.

SGS is a coin grading
company with the
highest standards of
quality and integrity.

We handle coins with
the utmost care and
attention.  Each coin
is preserved in our
special holders,
serial-numbered and
sealed with our official
SGS gold seals.

We are now designating Full Bell Lines on Franklin half dollars.

On April 10, 2007, Star Grading Services was requested to submit a proposal for

exclusive grading services for the American Numismatic Association. While we do
not currently have the resources to do this, we viewed the request as a wonderful
of our growing popularity and market acceptance.

An Independent Study has recently found that SGS currently accounts for
7% of all Graded Coins sold on the internet auction site eBay.

Currency Grading
Bills which receive UNC (60) or above will receive letter and number grades,
and below that bills will be designated as either AU (Almost Uncirculated),
FN (Fine), or GD (Good).

We are now Certifying and Authenticating some different Circulated-type coins.
These coins, being circulated, would not benefit from being graded, but would
benefit from being certified.  With SGS you know it's Authentic.

Coin grading is not always consistent and, objective grading of coins is always attempted by SGS, but we can not guarantee that all risk associated with rare coin grading is eliminated. All coin grading will be done to Star Grading Service Standards.
Proof coins - 1936 & forward and MS Uncirculated coins
Only coins reaching grades of 60 to 70 will be graded.
All others will be simply returned or certified.
Please do not ship coins without an authorization number.
All coins shipped without an authorization number will be returned.

Single submissions          
10 to 99
100 or more $8.50
Plus Shipping.

Single Submissions         
10 or more

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Email us with questions, or to get an
authorization number, click
Or sgs@stargrading.org


Star Grading

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Ashland, OH 44805